nevermind waldo, where’s the baker…

not only can she bake, she can make messes too! big big messes and in no time flat…

honestly, i know where everything is. no really, i do…i think i do.
somebody find those elves and fast…

and in the midst of all of this confusion, i am trying not to step on the cat. she has this idea that if she is cute and cuddly(something she isn’t most of the time) i will stop what i am doing and feed her, 10 times a day…

you can’t possibly be talking about me, sweet lu, i would never play you like that. don’t believe a word those little eyes are trying to convey. lucy, or twitch whichever name you like, is a pro at making herself look innocent when she is hungry.
somehow while all of that was going on; cat dancing, kitchen wrecking, and a major clean up, gladys sang on. “oh i heard it through the grapevine”…sorry otis, take a seat ccr, nobody sings it better than gladys knight and the pips. in the end, a beautiful coconut cake with 7 minute frosting emerged from the rubble…

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