a trip to times square with undercover steve

after i was finished with all the media training, i had a chance to hang with my dopey brother-he likes to be called that; he says it’s a term of endearment…i like to indulge him in this fantasy and willingly comply with his request.  we were undecided of what we would do for the day and basically chose not to do anything but just hang out together, walking, talking and taking in the scenery.  first on the agenda, lunch.  after wandering around and passing up the shake shack-wow what a line…we settled in to a table for two indoors at the 5 napkin burger in lovely and scenic hell’s kitchen.

my dopey brother who was preparing to part ways with the stache.  it was a last meal of sorts and a 5 napkin burger and all of its 10oz of glory was a perfect send off.

 my dopey brother doing his best jason lee impersonation

 i really liked the way the restaurant was decorated.  the meat hooks were the perfect touch…

 loved the scales too

 ultimately, the thought of trying to eat a 10oz burger was too much for me, i ordered the veggie burger.  it appeared to be a home made pattie with beets which gave it a nice pink hue.  it was tasty but also quite large and i ended up eating just the patty and the fries.

 undercover steve enjoyed his burger too-his was beef and it looked tasty.  i should have asked about a kids menu

 the stashe loved the burger-here he is feeding it
after eating way more than was needed, we headed back out to wander the streets aimlessly
 loved this view-i could see all the way up to the chrysler building

 and of course, no trip to nyc is complete with out a wander through times square

 i really love the new lane closures to accommodate pedestrians and provide seating.  we parked ourselves on a bench and talked.  i thought that we might run out of things to say but we never did.  we talked about my book and his radio show, family, friends and so much more.

and no trip to times square is complete with out a sighting of the naked cowboy.  really???  get over yourself and put on some pants.  and on that note, we headed to penn station so i could catch my train to phili for the last leg of my trip-qvc training.

sorry to say but that is all i’ve got-no time for sight seeing.  now, i’m home and back to work and that means there is pie-stay tuned for that.

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