best ever brownies; tuesdays with dorie

once again, it’s tuesday so that means it is time to bake with julia.  this week’s adventure is brought to you by monica of a beautiful mess.   if you read the title of this post, then you know we made the “best ever brownies.”  that is one opinion, just not mine.

first off, i did not care for the way the instructions were written.  it is always a challenge when a recipe is split onto more than one page but if those to pages do not face each other, it is even harder to prevent confusion or mishaps.  the instructions called for splitting the eggs and sugar, whipping some and incorporating the others and then finally, incorporating the whipped eggs into the batter.  that paragraph was written in such a way that i had to read it multiple times.  it would have flowed better if the exact  amounts of eggs and sugar  for each addition in that step were listed as they were to be added rather than just instructing you to add “half” of them.

while the baking times seemed to present more issues for many of the other bakers, i did not have any problems and they baked within the suggested time frame.  the results were more like a flourless chocolate cake and i really didn’t enjoy them.  honestly, i like brownies but i like mine to have more than just a fudge like texture; i like them a little cakey and these were no where near that.

be sure to visit monica’s page for the recipe but an even better idea would be to buy the book.  be sure to visit the tuesdays with dorie page to find the links of all the participants.

7 thoughts on “best ever brownies; tuesdays with dorie

  1. I too thought the recipe was a little over-complicated. I did like the results, but not enough that I'd make these regularly. I'd never thought about it much, but I guess I prefer brownies on the fudgy side. Even so, I'm not sure about the “best-ever” part. I can understand why people who like cake brownies would disagree!


  2. We could have traded brownies! I prefer a more dense, fudgy brownie like yours look and less cakey like how mine turned out – though my pics make them look fudgier than they were.


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