homegrown honey

you’ve heard me mention our bees, here is the honey we harvested this year.  we have absolutely no idea what plants they gather nectar from or where they go but boy did they do a beautiful job!

busy bees.  the outer area of the comb is actually capped honey.  the center area, the part-the raised domes, is a group of crone brood.  the open cells, larvae that they are tending to.

always working-never time for rest or play

always coming and going!  just remember, never stand in front of the hive, they interpret that as aggressive behavior on your part and when bees think you are acting aggressively, they get defensive.  that when you get stung and when one bee stings, it releases pheromones that the others detect and react to.  before you know it, you have a bunch of bees chasing you!

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