odile’s fresh orange cake; a tuesdays with dorie post

IMG_5338It has been a while since I have participated in the Tuesdays with Dorie baking and I decided to get back to it this week by baking Odile’s Fresh Orange Cake.  Luckily for me, I happened to have a bowl of Sky Valley heirloom oranges from Trader Joe’s camping out on the kitchen counter and this gave me a way to use them before they went bad.

The recipe is simple and easy to prepare, it was also very easy to cut in half thanks to the fact that Dorie includes the weights for the ingredients in the recipe.  Honestly, if you aren’t using a scale at home, you really need to pick one up.  It is easier to weigh out ingredients and it guarantees accuracy.

To decorate the cake, I followed the directions except rather than use slices of whole oranges, I cut the oranges into sections-not really the supremes but close enough!  And just as Dorie suggested, I only used half of the syrup to soak the cake.  The rest was drizzled over the slices as I cut them from the cake.  The flavor is strongly orange but not overpowering or cloying, either one is easy to do with orange.  The soaking from drizzling half of the syrup on the warm cake gave it a nice amount of moisture without making it wet or soggy.

My half batch of batter made a 6 inch cake which actually was more than we could eat.  We both like oranges and will snack on them but when an orange flavored dessert is offered, neither of us will go crazy with it.  This cake would probably be wonderful with tangerines or blood oranges so I may try it again!  To see what the other bakers came up with, be sure to visit the website and if you would like to bake along with us, pick up a copy of Baking Chez Moi and head to the kitchen!


26 thoughts on “odile’s fresh orange cake; a tuesdays with dorie post

  1. Love your idea of cutting supremes instead… I think I would have preferred this approach to the Pentagonal slices. Welcome back!


  2. I always learn something from your blog. Many years ago, I was learning to cook by taking chef’s apprenticeship courses at a college and we learned this technique of cutting out the citrus segments and I knew this had a name that I learned many years ago but couldn’t remember it…. Supreme!! Thank you for that .


  3. Your photos are just gorgeous ! Love that you sectioned the oranges and arranged them as you did on top- very pretty. Yes, it was a fun cake and we enjoyed it but I am actually not sure that I will be making it again vs just knocking out a lemon pound cake. But it’s nice to know I can 😉


    1. Thanks Tricia! We didn’t eat the whole cake-even half the recipe was too much for us since we are trying to lose a little weight. But a lemon pound cake with fruit and syrup on top does sound tempting…


  4. i also went the supreme route for my 6-inch cake. since i hadn’t covered the whole cake in fruit, i popped what we didn’t eat the first couple of nights into my (packed!) freezer and saved it for a lazy day.


    1. Thanks Margaret! My camera is a Canon 6D with a 100mm macro lens. However, I took a bunch of classes for digital photography and several workshops for food photography and food styling that have been worth every penny!


  5. Lovely photos! I like the idea of using sections of oranges to decorate the cake and it’s also a great idea to drizzle the syrup over slices when serving.


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