totally pietastic

today found me completing the first chapter of the book. it is all about pies and i was able to get the last of them finished today. guess the fact that we have been slightly snowbound wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

country pies are easy to make. what are they you ask, galettes in southern speak. just little free form tarts/pies. not too fancy but very quick and tasty.
toss some ripe fruit with sugar, flour and any spices or other flavors if you like.
roll out a little piece of dough. it doesn’t need to be perfect.
top it with the fruit filling.
fold the edges in towards the middle but be sure to let a little of the fruit peek out.
it should look like this. then a quick brush of egg wash and a sprinkle of large crystal sugar and into the oven it goes.
warm tasty pies. where’s the ice cream…

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