schooled again

things i learned today:

chocolate will burn in the microwave-i mean burned black and smoking and it doesn’t take that long to accomplish this
burned semisweet chocolate smells kinda like burned popcorn
if you screw up the first test of a recipe, chances are every one of the 7 versions you bake after it won’t be right either
and there you have it folks, a day in the life of a pastry chef…the problem with the cake recipe turned out to be the amount of sugar in the recipe. the first version called for 1-1/2 cups and i am pretty sure i only added 1-1/4 cups. when i tasted the first one, my initial thought was this cake isn’t sweet. and so it starts; each version after had an increased amount of sugar based on the amount i should have added and not the amount i actually added. now i find myself with a small mountain of cake layers and a need to run at least one more test. this time i will get the sugar adjusted properly.
oh, one more thing i learned today; i’m a little slow but i catch on eventually…

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