just another sponge bath…

life has handed me lemons this week…the computer went out on my car and it took the transmission with it… two of my cats cannot decide which litter box to use so they have opted not to use any of them… my mother in law thinks i am mad at her… it is very likely that i will miss my deadline for chapter two tomorrow. so what’s a girl to do? throw open the windows and let some fresh air in. load the cd player with tom jones, cher, pat boone and motowns greatest hits and play them at a loud volume. and finally, zest a lemon and bake a cake…

sponge cake to be exact. whip the eggs to a ribbon stage with some lemon zest and sugar. be sure to sing along and dance badly to half breed.
while pat boone does a bang up job on stairway to heaven, sift the flour over the eggs and gently fold it in.
whip the egg whites with some sugar until they are almost stiff-they should droop a bit when the beater is raised. this allows the cake to expand during the baking without collapsing. whats new pussycat, sing it tom
fold those whites into the mix and pour it into an ungreased tube pan. you don’t want to grease it because the cake needs to stick to the pan in order to set the structure properly. gypsies, tramps and thieves…
the two timers at work while i sing and dance. good thing nobody is home with me…
sponge cake, its not unusual now is it…

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