now for the fun part

sorry, no photos today. why you ask, i’ll tell you why. i didn’t bake anything today. nope, not a thing. the cakes for chapter two have all been baked, they’ve been eaten too. now comes the fun part-formatting them and editing them…

what was that sound? that thunk, it was so loud. oh that. it was my head hitting the keyboard. after a long and stressful week, sitting and typing is not something i can do today. i’m heading out to the demo garden with my fellow master gardeners where we will pull weeds and plot beds for this year’s garden. and tomorrow, i will do it again but i will also spend a few hours with the beekeepers as my husband and i get ready to add bees to our own garden. after a short break to do all of the typing/editing it is on to chapter 3. rock on you crazy diamond…

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