mmm, strawberries…

you know that spring has sprung when you see strawberries on sale in the grocery store. this is especially true around easter. i have moved on from cakes to cupcakes this week and first up is strawberry. strawberry cake is a traditional offering in the south. many birthday and wedding cakes are flavored with strawberry but not many use the real deal-fresh strawberry puree. this recipe does! i gathered up my scoops, my favorite tool for making muffins, cookies and cupcakes, and started scooping out the batter.

if you go to the grocery store, you can find the little paper cups in a couple sizes and sometimes in different colors or foil. i wanted the little mini cup liners and all they had were decorated with swirls in green. for the two other sizes, standard muffin and giant, i used plain white paper.

out of the oven and on the rack to cool, these will get dressed with a strawberry buttercream. another wonderful recipe that uses fresh strawberry puree. it is so easy to make and it tastes so much better when compared to the sludge sold in the plastic tubs in the baking aisle.
a nice long whipping time allows lots of air to be incorporated and makes the frosting nice and light. (i’m ignoring the snickers, what you do on your time is your business-me, i prefer to beat the hell out of a bowl of frosting…)
by using a piping bag, the frosting job is a quick and easy one that anyone can do-yes even you with a little practice.
lots of pretty little cupcakes in different sizes all from one bowl of batter and one batch of frosting.

2 thoughts on “mmm, strawberries…

  1. those look really good. i have been baking the cake part of the southern coconut cake in Sky High for cupcakes—so moist! Can't wait for the new book. Quick question: if i don't want to use cinnamon in the chocolate butter cake, do i need to substitute something else?
    i just don't like cinnamon with my chocolate :p


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