and they’re off…taste the book with some steeplechase pie

every spring, the steeplechase is held in warner park. it is nashville’s version of the kentucky derby but we like to think ours is more fun. since we risk a lawsuit by offering a true “derby” pie, i came up with our own signature pie-we call it steeplechase pie. its a pecan pie with chocolate chips and lots of whiskey. and it is on the menu this week.

chocolate chips and pecan pieces in the bottom of a partially baked pie shell.
whisk melted butter and sugar together. add the vanilla and the whiskey and mic the completely.
whisk in the eggs
add the corn syrup and whisk it again
pour it into the pie shell and into the oven it goes.
all done!
come on in and taste the book, we’ll save you a slice

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