celebrating the year-25 dates for 25 years

for those of you out there that might be thinking that i have given up on the 25 dates for 25 years, think again. we work in a field that does not let us enjoy a leisurely holiday season. it is very stressful and busy that we generally look back on it and wonder if it even happened. so in honor of that fact, i am calling this holiday season, date #3 & 4, officially, we blinked and missed it…actually, we did have a chance to do a few things together. we spent time cooking together and watching movies and hiking with the dog
here is something else we did, we went on a real date, #5 was a trip to bell buckle for a day of browsing in antique shops and lunch in the bell buckle cafe.

if you go to bell buckle, be sure to go by phillips general store. billy phillips does an amazing job with the windows.
the other window to the store. check out the store too-it is so jam packed that you could spend a week in it and not see a fraction of what is in there. be sure to visit the bluebird antiques and ice cream shop owned by his parents around the corner from the general store-it is just as jam packed and they are a nice bunch of folks to visit with!
date #4 was a holiday movie festival at our house. we watched so many but these are a few of what we enjoyed together.

there are three movies on this disk-we watched them all
date #3 was a collection of hikes we took with the dog-sometimes just around the block and other times over at the ag center, see the photos of one over here. we have some catching up to do if we will make it to 25 by september. we’ll make it!

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