date night-thrift stores and korean food

cell phone photo alert…sorry, i do not like to take a camera into a restaurant and if i take photos during a meal, it is always with cell phone.

darry and i decided to make a date of our afternoon together. when i arrived home from work and the basketball game he was watching ended, we headed over to the west side of town. along charlotte avenue is a group of thrift stores. we visited unique thrift store, southern thrift, goodwill and salvation army. darry had the only purchase of the day-a vintage islanders stanley cup hat. i was in search of vintage table ware or pie dishes as well as any kind of stuff that i could work into the decor of our house. needless to say, i came up empty handed. after a couple hours of mindless browsing and lots of giggling over the stuff that was for sale, we headed east towards home. we stopped of to fuel up at portland brew and then landed in our own backyard. after a much needed trip to the grocery store, we bickered about dinner and decided if this was a real date, it required a dinner out.
our choice, tofu house on antioch pike.

the little plates of condiments delivered before our soup arrived. we had (from 12 o’clock) green beans or sea weed salad, bean sprouts, cucumbers, traditional cabbage kim chi, eggs for the soup, a sauce for the shrimps i ordered, potatoes and a spicy daikon.
i ordered mushroom tofu soup. it had noodles, oyster mushrooms and lots of tofu.
darry ordered kim chi tofu soup
entrees are delivered with the soup and i chose shrimp with scallops
darry ordered the braised short ribs
all in all, the food was good and we ate all that we could. the soup comes to the table at a full boil and stays hot for a long time. tofu soup looks as if it wouldn’t be filling but you will be surprised at just how filling it is. if you are not a fan of spicy foods, this isn’t the place for you-even though i ordered my soup mild, it still had a bite to it and i used some of the rice served with it to take the edge off.
so, 7 down and plenty more to go in order to hit 25 dates in a year. we had a fun afternoon/evening and i look forward to the next date.

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