ready, set, deliver!!!

finally, the cake was finished and ready to be delivered.  it was like someone lifted a weight from my shoulders-then came the delivery and when you are traveling with cake, anything can happen…how about a marathon?  we forgot about that and the street closures made getting to the location of the reception a challenge.  then there was the ac in the van-it decided not to work on this day of all days.  well, despite the few hitches, the cakes travelled well and all was good.

a close-up of the texture i applied to the buttercream.  it gives it a bit of a rustic look which works well with buttercream.  it can also help to hide any flaws in the cake but i wasn’t worried about that this time.

 the assembled cake in the fridge-generally, i do not assemble in advance but decided to give it a try this time.  with the cake in the fridge chilling for about 4 hours before we left, i was confident that it would be okay.  that was before i learned about the ac in the van and the street closures!

 a close-up of the textures

 the flowers-blue hydrangeas and calla lilies.  the hydrangeas must have been some variety from europe-they had fleshy stems rather than the woody ones we have here.  they were also air brushed to be blue.

 after extensively touring the downtown area trying to get to the building (*&%# marathon…)  we finally arrived.  the cake was set on a piano and this is the process i went through to add the flowers.  first it was some greenery-ferns.

 next it was hydrangeas and some leaves
 finally, calla lilies
 the cake!

 the groom’s cake-done by my friend garrett.  it was very well received!  the groom mentioned that his friends kept moving the tiny golf ball that was on the putting green to the sand traps-apparently, his game includes time in the sand traps.

the happy couple-congratulations to jeanne and john!

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