share the shot #3-purple

 how quickly the weeks are going-i get photos posted and then it is time to think about some more for the next share the shot challenge. purple is a tough color to photograph.  it tends to turn blue.  the year my daughter wore a purple gown to the prom, we had a hard time getting a photograph of her with the gown remaining purple.  mostly, she appeared to be wearing a deep blue.

for this week’s challenge, i headed out to the garden with my canon.  spring is a time that is filled with purple.  many flowers blooming now are purple and if you head to the vegetable garden, you will find purple lurking there too.

 these smiling faces greet you as you enter our driveway.  they are so many different shades of purple, lavender and white and all on the same plant!

 this purple sage as overwintered beautifully and is ready for another turkey roast

 tiny little sedums reaching for the sky
 heuchera popping up from under the leaves
 we call it red cabbage but it sure looks like purple to me

henbit-the bane of gardeners.  it is everywhere at this time of year.  i love the tiny little trumpet blooms.  and before you go cursing it for invading your garden, consider this; henbit is considered a wild flower and in the early spring, it is a valuable nectar plant for honeybees.  we leave the plants in our lawn for the bees but they get the heave ho from the garden beds.

thanks amy for a great challenge.  check out all of the participants here.  consider joining in on the fun and post some of your own photos!

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