share the shot#5-red

 i am really having fun with the share the shot challenges.  taking the time to look for things that might make a nice subject and then actually getting the shot-it is a real opportunity to learn something about staging a shot and getting the effect you are hoping for in the photo.  many of my shots come from the garden and red is a tough one.  obviously, there are red flowers but i do not have any in my garden.  i do however have red in the vegetable garden.

rhubarb chard-it has overwintered nicely and i love the red/green contrast.

 shot in late afternoon and back lit by the setting sun, this leaf positively glows!

 i love red leaf lettuce

 my assistant, the captain, he follows me around and i think he actually began to pose for me.  he would get up on the chair and look at me almost as if saying-“i’m ready for my close up…” having a red nose doesn’t hurt-it goes with the theme.

what i was really after-a shot of the wood grain with the fading red paint on the chair

and it wouldn’t be spring without red tulips-from the lawn and garden show, i don’t have any red ones, just pink this year.

thanks to amy for a great challenge!  be sure to check all of the entries for the red challenge by clicking here.

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