sunday with my husband

“i need your help, dessert help”…it was my husband speaking; it was also the end to any plans i may have had for sunday.  such is the life of a pastry chef whose husband happens to be the executive banquet chef for a university.  i packed up my gear, grabbed my cookbooks and out the door i went to give him a hand.
 he was busy making wraps for the 100+ campers staying at the university.  
 while he arranged the various fillings, 

and then rolled them up, 

 i got busy with the desserts.
 chocolate trifle with strawberries; i made the cake, the chocolate mousse and macerated the berries
 i also made a batch of chocolate chip cookies.
and like the amazing woman i am, i cleaned up my mess and hit the road as quick as i could.  it was sunday and i had some serious lazing about to do.   now that things have quieted down in the demonstration garden and the show preparations are done, look for me to be back here baking up whatever strikes my fancy.

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