so many bakeries, so little time

when i visit new places, or even areas that i have been to before, i always look for bakeries.  big surprise isn’t it?  not really if you know me-baking is what i do.  it always interests me to see the trends in other cities.  
atlanta is such a diverse “food” city.   if you take a good look in the showcases of bakeries all over the city, there won’t be any shortage of well done sweets and pastries.  in my last post about atlanta, i featured the korean treasure, white windmill bakery and the award winning sublime donuts.  on that same trip, i ventured into some other bakeries around the city.
breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?  for me, that first cup of coffee is what is most important.  pair it with a muffin and i am as happy as i can be.  my daughter and i walked to highland bakery from her midtown apartment and indulged ourselves with coffee and muffins.

on another morning, we found ourselves over in northwest atlanta at henri’s bakery.  
 here we indulged ourselves in doughnuts and rugelach as well as coffee.
but no bakery tour of atlanta is complete without a trip to a cupcake shop.

we went to camicakes.  they were every bit as tasty as they look.  next time, i am walking to atlanta so that there is not a bit of guilt when i eat twice my weight in cakes and cookies and pastries and donuts and bread and…now, to put in that request for time off so i can go back-sweetie are you ready?  your mother is coming back to visit!

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