losing my marbles

you see marbles, i see pie weights.  rather than buy fancy pants pie weights made of aluminum or pottery, i use my marbles.  beans and rice will also work but the thought of using them once and throwing them away seems wasteful to me.  but then, saving them for additional uses seems stupid since i bake pies at home very infrequently.  they also get stinky after repeated use and that makes it seem even more impractical to save them.  so, i use my marbles.  next time you need pie weights, use your marbles-they can stand the heat, you can wash them if they get greasy and they won’t get stinky!

how am i losing my marbles?  they bounce!  inevitably, a few miss the pie plate and roll off the counter top.  they bounce around the kitchen before disappearing down the basement stairs to never be seen again…

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