tuesdays with dorie

Mixed starter bread from Baking with Julia, baked in early December 2014.
Mixed starter bread from Baking with Julia, baked in early December 2014.

Each Tuesday, the members of the Tuesdays with Dorie blogging group post photos and comments on the challenge of the week.  If you are not familiar with the group, we are currently baking our way through two of Dorie Greenspan’s books; Baking with Julia and Baking Chez Moi.  The recipes are chosen by the members each month and we post them on alternating Tuesdays, two recipes from each book.

This week, we are posting about our experiences with the Inside-out, Upside-down Tiramisu recipe from Baking with Julia.  However, I chose not to make this recipe.  Crazy, I know, but over the years, I have made so many batches of tiramisu that I just did not want to make it.  We just do not eat that much dairy and with just the two of us, I could not see the point in making it.

Fear not, I will be back again for the second Baking with Julia recipe this month because I love rye bread and the scheduled recipe is the Eastern European Rye bread on page 98.  As I mentioned above, I also participate in the Baking Chez Moi recipe challenges and next week, we are baking the Granola Energy Bars on page 328 and they sound interesting enough to me that I am looking forward to the results.

If you are interested in baking along, pick up a copy of either book and visit the website to see the schedule.  Be sure to visit the website each Tuesday and look for the “leave your links” post to read the experiences of all the participants.  Not only will you get tips and tricks to use when baking, you will get first hand reviews of each recipe, insider information if you will.  However, you will have to buy or borrow the books, we make it a rule not to publish the recipes.  Join us, we’d love to have you bake along with us!

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