looky looky, the blog got props!

i know i said i was taking a break but…i do check in to see if anyone leaves a comment, see what kind of traffic there has been and when i noticed a huge jump in hits, i was curious. looking further i noticed that besides the usual traffic from love and olive oil (a nashville food blog that has a link to my page) and other assorted visitors, there were also many hits from blogs.com. it seems that they have chosen easier than pie as one of the top 10 food blogs in nashville. today, the blog also received a little love from nashville bites, a food blog from the nashville scene. so i ask all of you to join me in a little raucous happy dance while i hoot and holler!!! thanks to everyone who visits and helped make this happen! look for me to be back in action next week, hopefully. we will close on our sba disaster loan in a few days and soon hope to start the repairs so it could get a little crazy around the house but i will try my best to keep it all together. thanks again nashville!