dressed to the nines

it’s prom season.  or perhaps i should say prom dress shopping season.  that sound you heard was the collective groan of moms everywhere reliving the experience of shopping for “the” perfect dress with a teenager.  actually, for me, this time around it has been easier.  the first time, when alix needed a dress for her first trip to the prom, she tried on everything in every store and could not find “the” dress.  as a matter of fact, the prom was less than 3 weeks away and she was still looking.  we went on a trip to the mall as a last ditch effort.  every store had relegated the dresses to the clearance racks and what was left was a:  ugly   b:  huge, only the large sizes were left  and c:  damaged from so many girls pawing through them and trying them on.  we almost gave up hope but gathered up a collection and trudged on to the dressing room.  the first pick, a handkerchief hemmed-tea length dress in bright fuchsia.  go ahead, say yuck real loud, but believe it or not, it looked great on her and it ended up being “the” dress.  the fact that it ended up costing $17 did not hurt either.  the next year, alix found a dress in february and we bought it at full price, i did not go shopping with her but i did go with her to buy it.

when devon told me, or i should say alix told me that devon was asked to the prom, i was a little nervous.  she is so much pickier than alix and i knew this would be tough.  i was very pleasantly surprised by the outcome.  we have only been in two stores and it looks as if we are settled on the dress.  it has been somewhat painless and i am hoping that the rest of the outfit comes as easily.  
some day, all of this practice will come in handy.  with two daughters, we will probably have to plan two weddings which will require at least two dresses per event-one for each of them.  sounds like double the fun doesn’t it.  let’s not even get into the mother of the bride dresses.  now that sound you just heard, that was me hitting the floor.  i just can’t even give that a thought right now!  

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