my grand staycation

with the blink of an eye, my big staycation adventure came to an end.  i’ve been back to work for 2 days now and it is as if i never took any time off.  i could easily adjust to a life of leisure.  going to the gym, taking walks, shopping; indulging every whim.  all i need is the money, i already have everything else.

so, you ask, what did you do with all of those days?  i went to class, beekeeping class to be precise.  i now know way more than i ever thought i could about bees and what it takes to keep a successful hive.  it is a huge commitment, kind of like adopting babies, only you get 60,000 of them at once.  darry is sold on the idea and i am too, kind of.  it truly is intimidating.  after all, they can get nasty if they are not properly respected.  we spoke to one beekeeper that told a tale of being stung 60 times in his arm.  we were reminded again of the reality of playing with bees.  then he told us of the time he was stung 300 times.  that was enough to make me think twice.  stinging aside, bees can be plagued by any number of things.  tracheal mites, varroa mites, nosema, small hive beetles, foulbrood or wax moths.  it is a daunting task.  
one wild and crazy gal out for a good time.  if this is my plan for time off, just wait till you see what i do for fun next time.  as they say in the south, ain’t no tellin

One thought on “my grand staycation

  1. beekeeping!! That is fascinating! Nothing like fresh honey. It is like adoption in a way, bees are completely essential to the well-being of our world 🙂


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