time for a quickie…

i bet that got your attention…honestly, you need to clean up your act and get your mind out of the gutter.  what i am trying to say is, it is time for quiche and if it is time for quiche then it must be time for this month’s post for you want pies with that.  this month’s challenge is hosted by natalie of oven love.  the theme natalie has chosen is family favorites.  sounds easy enough except that in my house, we very rarely have pies.  generally, we go for cookies or ice cream with the occasional cake or muffin thrown in for variety.  the only time i bake pies (outside of work where i bake at least 60 per week) is thanksgiving and somehow, pumpkin pie just didn’t seem like something i wanted to bake for this challenge.  i was having trouble deciding on what type of pie to bake so i asked my husband what he thought would be a good choice (why not, he’ll end up eating most of it anyway…)i explained the requirements to him-it has to be a pie, any kind of pie it can even be savory, as in quiche.  the lightbulbs went off simultaneously and he quickly said make a quiche!  and since i had to choose a favorite pie for this family, i went with quiche, spinach and mushroom quiche to be precise.  

first on the list after a stop at the grocery store for mushrooms, cream and swiss cheese was to get a crust together.  luckily, i had some dough in the freezer and i set it out to thaw while i made the filling.  
when it came time to roll out the crust, i grabbed my monster rolling pin and my latest acquisition, a funky scalloped baking dish that is vintage california pottery.  when i wrote my first book, sky high, i had the opportunity to participate in the photo shoot.  it was 5 days in new york city with a top photographer-tina rupp and a wonderful food stylist-allison attenborough but one of the things i enjoyed the most was the prop styling.  there were so many plates, cups, silverware, linens and cake stands that it was mind boggling.  now that i am working on what i hope will be my second book, i have begun collecting pieces that could maybe end up in a book or just be fun to use at home.  this little collection of plates, bowls, lazy susans, glasses, coffee cups and baking dishes just keeps growing, much to my husbands dismay.  
after the crust was rolled out and placed in the dish, i added the spinach which had been sauteed with onions, garlic and mushrooms.  on top of the spinach, i placed a layer of swiss cheese and finally topped it all off with the custard of heavy cream, eggs, salt and nutmeg.  into the oven it went…
pie for dinner, that’s what i’m talkin about!!!  add a loaf of crusty bread and a salad, what more could you possibly need? 

7 thoughts on “time for a quickie…

  1. P.S. OMG, you wrote Sky High? How awesome! I love your book. I’m a burned out cake decorator and when I was testing recipes I was constantly dismayed with scratch recipes. I had kind of given up on trying them anymore. I’m pleasantly surprised to find that your recipes are consistently good and your icing recipes are the bomb! Congrats!

    I’m guessing you’re aware of the Cake Slice bakers? we’re baking one of your cakes each month for a year.


  2. i am so glad to read that you are working on a second book! (let me know if you need any home recipe testers…). i love quiche, and it's tasty with just about any leftover bits in the fridge.


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