keeping score

i am a curious person.  i like to know how many people visit my silly little blog so when i started it, i added a free counter that gives me information.  i am also a bit cheap and would not pay for the super duper spy version so i only get vague information, but information none the less.  it is fun to see how people find me, what website directs them my way.  even more fun is seeing what country they come from.  mostly, they are in north america, the u.s. and canada.  but some of them come from europe, the middle east and austrailia, south america too.  

the referring websites most often listed are you want pies with that and the daring bakers, but lately,  phemomenon, bread baking day and sour dough have sent a bunch my way.  the reason, i joined several groups and i bake with all of these folks on a monthly basis and then we all blog about what we have baked.  this sends us to each other’s blogs to see what  came from our attempts.  it is fun to look and see how so many different people can interpret the same theme or how even with the same recipe, we all get something a little different.  check them out some time and maybe even join in on the fun.
thanks for stopping by, i enjoy the company so if you like, leave me a note and who knows, maybe will bake something together some time!  and if you also would like a free counter, check out bravenet and my little counter at the very bottom of the page, under the big cartoon.

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