chapter one

and so it starts. after many months of negotiations, i am off and running. the book needs to be finished in may so i am working as quickly as i can but not so fast that the recipes are substandard. as i finish some recipes, i feature them in the cafe so be sure to stop by and check out the daily dessert list.
writing recipes seems easy. it is if you are making soup. not so when you are making cakes. it is easier to make lousy cake recipes than you could ever imagine. the slightest change in the ph balance can wreak havoc on a cake! so can oven temperature and the size or shape of a pan.
this cake tested me. after about 6 different versions, i finally found the right balance.
sour cherries, vanilla cake and struesal-works for me! i really like it in the square pan rather than the old stand by-round.
the original version baked in a round pan in the cafe. what a time i had trying to duplicate it at home with different ingredients sources, a home oven and a square pan.

little pear tarts

now this wouldn’t be a loveless cafe dessert book without pies and believe me, there are lots of pies in this one.

check back regularly to see what’s baking in the oven!

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