jonesing for bread again

once again, i have neglected my starters. i was afraid that they were in bad shape from the lack of activity. no problem, out of the fridge they came and i fed them. a short time later, i could see bubbles and i knew all was well with the starters so i decided to mix up some sponge for sour rye bread.
after adding some flour and caraway, i left the bread out on the counter overnight. time to mix up the dough!
i love to use one of these old cafeteria style trays to knead bread on. it helps me contain the mess and the best part, i can shake off the flour and put it in the dishwasher.

it is starting to take shape

ready to rise

wow!!! ready to be shaped into loaves

two little loaves

onto the peel and into the oven to bake

beautiful little loaves. this demo garden sour dough starter is the best! i harvested organic grapes from the garden last summer and it is till going strong. so strong that i have divided it several times and shared it with a bunch of my coworkers.

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