the party’s over for tipsy cakes

the end was in sight; only one more test run on the chocolate tipsy cakes and i could finally scratch them off the list. i had had just about all i could stand of drunken cakes in my kitchen and i was looking forward to sobriety. then i realized that i was all out of booze and i would have to head out to the local liquor store. that seems like an easy fix. the only hitch, it was 7 am and i’m thinking it was a little early to shop for booze. i cleaned the house instead. at precisely 10, i ventured out to the store for the bottle of bourbon i needed.
if you ever need to purchase booze in the morning, be prepared to be scrutinized. and if you think it’s funny to refer to that bottle of bourbon as the breakfast of champions, don’t be surprised if the man behind the counter looks at you with doubt in his eyes. and another thing you may want to remember, explaining that you just want to bake a cake with it won’t change that look much either. so there you have it, my trip to the store for booze and my lame attempt at comedy with the man behind the counter. the fact that i told him that i didn’t need anything real high end since i was baking with it was just fuel for the fire. when i finally asked him how many ounces were in the bottle, i knew i was pushing my luck but it may have been what saved me. i actually started calculating tablespoons and ounces and i think he finally believed me, kinda, sorta, maybe-maybe not. he did ring me up and take my card so i got out of there while the getting was still good!
the last batch of the troublesome little buggers. suffice it to say, we have all climbed on the wagon and are now behaving ourselves.
coconut-you either love it or hate it. i like it, a lot. and these crispy/chewy confections are like heaven! coconut chews, mmmmmmmm
so thanks to our first lady, victory gardens are all the rage. well, i have had a large garden for a while now and making a cake that features things i grow in my garden is logical. for the first test, i baked the victory garden cupcakes as a bundt. it has lots of carrots, zucchini, apples and walnuts. and for those of you that are curious, i will have zucchini in the garden, carrots are a possibility and if we are lucky this year, our apple tree will produce a few fruits and finding walnuts is as simple as walking through the neighborhood to find a tree.
the final run on the victory garden cupcakes, as actual cupcakes no less. for this occasion, i pulled a few of my favorite mugs out to take the place of a cake stand. don’t you just love thrift stores? i never know what i will find.

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