waterlogged but hard at work


the view from the front porch of the cafe on saturday

haven’t been to the cafe since the “historic flooding” (that’s what the local media has titled the weather event this past weekend). I can only say that my house was taking on water faster than we could bail it out-literally, we used buckets and a broom to sweep it out the carport door. my husband spent the day yesterday cleaning the floor; he moved everything he could and cleaned it with bleach water while i worked on the upstairs. now we wait for the contractor to give us the news-our slab took a major hit with lots of cracks all around it. it seems that the water was coming downhill so fast that when it couldn’t get around the house, it went under it and the pressure caused cracking in the slab and the block walls. we watched the water bubble up through the cracks, it was scary!
in the mean time, i have been keeping busy and will have photos posted soon! keep your fingers crossed for the rest of the city, lend a hand if you can. there are many organizations seeking donations and volunteers but the mayor has asked that all interested in helping go through the community foundation in order to simplify things.

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