i’m burning for you…

everybody has a list of favorite things. mine includes caramel, thick and gooey caramel, and it makes no difference if it is enrobed in chocolate or drizzled over ice cream. it’s caramel and i like it. there are several desserts in this book that use caramel sauce so i decided to post the how to for those of you who might want to try it out.
good caramel sauce has a consistency that is viscous enough to coat a spoon but not clump up. it should swirl around on a plate with ease and not set immediately. it should also have some additional flavors such as cinnamon, vanilla and booze (imagine that…).
drunken caramel-the slide show
put your cream on to heat up with the butter, cinnamon and vanilla bean
set the sugar up to burn with the corn syrup (for stability) and water (to prevent scorching before all of the sugar is dissolved)
slowly but surely, the color will change from crystal clear to a light amber

and get darker

and darker

and darker still…
it will be obvious that the caramel is near 350 degrees because it will be less bubbly

and when it is finally to the proper temperature, pull it off the heat!

add your warmed cream mixture slowly, it will foam up and splatter a lot so be careful and use a whip with a long handle!
add all of the cream slowly and whisk to melt the caramel and combine the ingredients
strain the mixture to remove the cinnamon stick and vanilla bean
now it’s party time-get the caramel drunk so you can take advantage of it…

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