what a wake up call

the last month has been a blur. so many recipes and so much tasting-i am over fruit desserts, honestly. give me something salty please. so much has gone on here; on 4/20, someone tried to break into the house-in broad daylight while we were at work/school. on 5/1 & 2, we had a little rain, about 16″ of it. surely you heard about the flooding? this morning, i was awakened at 5:30 to the sound of my hysterical husband screaming “i’ve been robbed, @#*%!!!!!” and so the day started. we weren’t the only ones who had overnight visitors. a neighbor who lives down the street and around the corner (about half a mile) was visited as well. as he was leaving for work, he discovered that someone had ransacked his car and taken his wallet too. then he found the contents of his wallet and darry’s out in the street. amazingly enough, i.d.’s and credit/debit cards were all intact. thankfully, he stopped by and returned darry’s i.d. and cards to me.

so my message to anyone who is listening, never mind the dog. beware of the angry woman on the verge of menopause who just may be suffering from pms this week-she’s got a mattock and she will use it…

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