where it’s at…

two turn tables and a microphone…sorry, lost my train of thought for a moment and beck took over. now that most of the work is done on the book, my thoughts are all over the place. even more amazing is that they are not of cake, cookies, cobblers, puddings, cupcakes, pies…there are a few random thoughts of bread though. crispy-chewy sourdough bread made from a natural grape starter. then it occurs to me, i can actually make a loaf of bread from the bucket of starter lurking in the back of the fridge. i actually have space on the counter for a bowl to sit overnight and allow the sponge to ferment and grow. then another thought occurs to me, i would have to get up off my arse and make it…so much for that today.

the photo shoot is scheduled to start in 10 days and between now and then, i need to make lists of everything i need to have and bake everything i can-providing it can be held frozen, such as cake layers, doughs, cookies and sauces. oipaerasiohua-(the actual text produced as my head hit the keyboard). it’s an intimidating list and even more startling is the realization that i will be doing the food styling for the photos, something i have never done before…
i am looking forward to spending more time in the garden both at home with our bees and at the ag center with my fellow master gardeners. summer is here and so are ripe fruits, blueberries and blackberries and the first sign of peaches too. the fog has lifted, the deadline to finish the book is no longer weighing me down and i finally think i know where i’m at and toto, i don’t think we’re in kansas anymore…oops, wrong fantasy. but honestly, i am pretty sure that the next time i go looking for my hearts desire, like dorothy, i won’t look any further than my own back yard(garden).
stay tuned, i will have photos from the shoot posted as it progresses.

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