five down, one to go

today was one of the shorter days for me-only 11 hours. things went kinda sorta smoother. well, maybe they did. i had a hiccup in the baking and did not get the two different cupcakes baked but we went ahead and shot the chocolate bread pudding which wasn’t on the shot list for today.

these are the lady lemon bars. it was decided to have round tartlettes rather than ordinary squares so we could have more variety in the photos. each one is topped with a fresh blackberry.

the lady lemon bars were shot with the strawberry jam bars outside (in the walk-in oven) in front of curious heart. there is a nice white bench in front of the shop and karen used it in several shots.
back inside the barn, we moved on to the tipsy cakes. remember that hiccup i mentioned? well, somebody left the chocolate tipsy cakes at home in her fridge and had to bake another batch…wonder who that could have been?
karen staged this and shot it over head. the results were fabulous!
so, how does one get such perfect slices? cut up previously baked and cold cake, that’s how!
here are the trimmings from strawberry jam bars and tipsy cakes. they almost look good enough to photograph. don’t you just love the crumpled paper towels and parchment-they truly make the shot…

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