day four and counting

it was monday and day four of the shoot and there is not a word in the english language that can describe how hot it was. do you remember the scene from the end of the wizard of oz when the wicked witch gets wet? she slowly shrinks down while saying “i’m melting”. we dripped, we drooped and we swatted flies and gnats. well that along with a few sound effects should just about cover it. even so, the day was rather eventful and we accomplished a lot.
one of the shots was of mini strawberry rhubarb pies. the gang trudged on over to the cabin, swatting gnats (and swallowing a few too) and braving the heat to take photos of the pies. they included the airstream trailer in the photo and i must admit, it’s one of my favorites!
back over at the barn on the large porch, karen and dave took photos of the lemon tunnel of love cake. it didn’t like the heat either and as the cake sat out in the intense heat, it got shorter and wider.
still trying to capture that perfect shot of the tunnel of love cake. (and they did!)
so, after a 14 hour day, i headed home to bake a few things in order to get ahead for tuesday. and since i am no different than anyone else, my “best laid plans” fell by the wayside… in other words, i am pretty good at messing up in the kitchen, just like anyone else!
blueberry peach cornmeal buckle, also known as the volcano cake.
this cat will do anything to get darry’s attention. here she is laying on the table with her head resting on the keyboard as darry surfed the internet.
two more days to go-keep watching!

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