free time, what a concept

if you have been paying attention to this page, you haven’t heard much from me. i have been busy working on my second book and not much else. however, that all changed last week after the photo shoot finished-i headed back to my regular routine. that means i now have my afternoons free to do what ever i want. in typical party animal fashion, i have spent time in the various gardens in my yard. weeds have been pulled, bushes have been pruned and plants have finally made their way into the beds. another advantage to free afternoons, fresh baked bread. i am happy to report that the rye sour survived my absence and so did on small jar of the white sour; the jury is still out on the big jar. now that i have learned we qualified for the disaster loan, i can finally start the process of repairing the house-at least i can finally contact the construction company and let them know that things will be moving along soon. as for me, i’m not going anywhere, i’m just happy to be home in my garden with the chance to contemplate my next move!

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