bread baking day #39, roundup

the moment you have all been waiting for!  the salt rising bread round up.  well, it’s a short one.  it seems that many of the usual bread baking day participants were reluctant to try this bread.  i don’t blame them-it can be rather stinky and difficult.  not everyone in the roundup had a bread to show for it.  no matter, i enjoyed trying something new-hosting a challenge and baking something i had never baked before.

for all of you who stop by, visit zorra, the founder of bread baking day and see what the challenge for june is.  here is a hint, it is the 4th anniversary for bread baking day in june and zorra is hosting the challenge!  happy baking!!!

real italian garlic bread 
 swathi of zesty south indian kitchen located in texas, usa
3 different loaves; plain, cheese and dandelion
miss nirvana of creating nirvana in the midwest, usa was especially busy with this recipe!
salt rising bread recipe #2
baked by astrid of paulchens food blog in austria, vienna
bernard clayton’s salt rising bread
baked by judy of judy’s gross eats in ventura, california, usa
strong smelling doorstopper
is how zorra described her loaf!!!
as you know, zorra is the founder of this blog, she does her baking in andalucia, spain and you can read all about her bread and even watch a video about salt rising bread on her website, 1x umruehren bitte.
salt rising bread, recipe from a master’s thesis by delene clark holbrook
baked by cathy of bread experience in atlanta, georgia, usa
this blog post is worth reading-lots of info on the history of salt rising bread!

besides the two loave i baked for the announcement, i also baked this loaf.
buckwheat salt rising bread

one other baker deserves a mention.  connie, from thailand, emailed me to tell me that she just could not get a loaf from any of the starters she made.  perhaps it was the ingredients-she may not have been able to find the right cornmeal.  either way, she made an effort and i appreciate that, too bad it didn’t work!
many thanks to all the brave bakers who accepted my challenge and thanks to zorra for giving me the opportunity to host this event!  see you next month when we all bake again!

4 thoughts on “bread baking day #39, roundup

  1. I am so sad I ran out of time to try this BBD challenge. I still may try it out. All the participants efforts look great and I bet they tasted great too. 🙂


  2. Thanks for hosting BBD #39. I had fun with this one! The recipe I chose wasn't hard at all and it tastes great.

    Your buckwheat version sounds interesting. I might have to try this bread with more whole wheat next time.


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