share the shot-week 1, blue

 this poor blog page-if it actually had feelings, i’d really be deep in it!  while it may seem as if i have been gone for good, actually i haven’t been far away.  most of my entries go over on my baking page, easier than pie.  but some things just don’t seem to fit there so i put them here.

recently, i found a photography challenge called share the shot.  it is a challenge open to anyone of any skill level and does not require any kind of experience or talent-just the ability to take a picture.  and the great thing about this-no fancy camera is needed.  i have decided to take amy(hostess with the mostest-she blogs at she wears many hats) up on her challenge and i pulled out my camera, a canon rebel t1i.

the whole point of the challenge was for amy to get back to taking pictures that she “wanted” to take rather than those she “had” to take.  i totally get it.  for me, this will be an opportunity to learn how to use all of the functions of my camera as well as a chance to get better at taking photos.  so the first assignment-blue.  that’s right, blue.  what that means is just take a photo that is focused on something blue.  all i had to do was look around, i saw lots of blue stuff without ever leaving the confines of my own home and garden.

a tile that serves as a trivet on my dining room table

a bowling ball that lays below my fig tree

 some cookbooks on my shelf-so many different shades of blue and turquoise
 russell wright sugar and creamer on a shelf in my dining room
 my favorite pie dish

and my old fuzzy slippers-doing your assignment in your slippers and sweats-that’s what i’m talking about!

check out all of the participants on amy’s blog, she wears many hats.  thanks for a fun afternoon amy!  can’t wait for the next assignment-it’s theme is yellow and for fun, i used my cell phone as well as my camera.

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