share the shot; week 2-yellow

for this weeks assignment, amy gave us the color yellow.  in my line of work, that is an easy subject.  the hard part, getting a good photo in a busy kitchen with fluorescent lighting.  i might also add that on this particular day, the idea to bring my camera never crossed my mind either.  that left me with my cell phone, specifically, my not so smart phone
 i separate a lot of eggs every day
 cornstarch boxes on a shelf-lined up like little yellow soldiers
 bananas are always present-can’t make banana pudding without them!

 buttermilk comes in yellow jugs with yellow caps.  the cap and it’s reflection on my work table.

after work, i made the rounds in my neighborhood thrift stores-again with just my cell phone

 yellow was a popular shoe color at some point.  i can’t help thinking that anyone wearing these would look like they had big bananas on their feet.

 have you ever noticed that some stores separate the clothes by color?

 the yellow shoe trend did not get by the men either…or, clowns from when the circus was in town made a donation

the only photo i took without using my cell phone.  for this one, i used the canon

zested lemons get squeezed for the juice to make a batch of lemon bars.  you can read about them and see the recipe here.  if you are inspired, make a batch and take a lovely yellow photo!  to see the photos that were submitted, visit amy’s website, she wears many hats.

thanks again amy for making the day go by quicker at work and a fun filled afternoon of thrift store giggles

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