dogs and donuts; atlanta’s finest

we may have donuts here in nashville, we even have the coveted krispy cremes(and no, i am not a fan-at all).  shipley do-nuts, fox’s donut den-both fixtures in nashville and sadly still, none of our shops have ever been voted the best bakery in america.  big deal, right?  sublime doughnuts of atlanta was.  yes, a donut shop was voted best bakery in america by bake magazine, a trade magazine devoted to the professional bakery trade.  of course i had to stop in and see for myself.
first of all, it is in a little strip mall on 10th street in northwest atlanta.  it doesn’t look like much, just your typical strip mall shop.  there is one showcase, it is behind the counter.  the employees are pleasant but you can see that even they aren’t sure what the fuss is about-no ego’s, no snobbiness, just a bunch of pleasant people selling doughnuts, really good doughnuts, completely made from scratch, rolled out and cut by hand everyday, doughnuts…

 that display case may not look like much but judging by the amount of people that came and went with boxes and bags, my guess is that the case doesn’t stay full for long.  worth the trip in, even for this “not a big donut fan”.

but a couple of girls cannot live on donuts alone, we could try but somehow, i am guessing that the sugar in them and the coffee consumed with them would be hazardous to anyone close by.  it was time for lunch; we headed straight for yeah! burger.  bon appetit magazine calls them one of the best burger spots in america.

we had the brats; they were the special of the month (okay, so this is a little late in posting-sorry!).  they were damn good brats-what’s not to love about sauerkraut, brown mustard and a brat on a bun?  next time, i’m having the burger so i can see for myself just how good they are.

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