thematic photography, week 2: life or death

for our second week of class, we were given the theme of life or death.  not a very happy theme at first glance but surprisingly, an easy one to find images of.  since we were allowed to interpret the theme as we wanted, the choices for shooting were plentiful.  the trick was to find images that were interesting and eye catching.  
for my photos, i decided to visit a cemetary.  luckily for me, the nashville city cemetery was giving the annual living history tour.  not only were there lots of interesting scenes to shoot, there were live actors portraying the dead and buried.  if you haven’t gone on a living history tour, you should.  the history of nashville is colorful, to say the least!
 an actor portraying moses wetmore, an early developer of east nashville
 my husband was fascinated with the mausoleums
 vine on iron fencing
 row of crypts
 flower bed 
 this quote seems to sum it all up nicely
 reflection on a crypt
 the mausoleum reflecting the gravestones across from it
then of course, i headed to the garden.  this is a great time of year to find life and death in the garden.
 lichen on dead wood
 same subject, monochrome
 cicada wings
 and in color-completely different results

and one that somehow did not make it onto my flash drive for class-sustaining life means certain death.

and our next theme is our choice-we have a list and i have yet to make my choice.  stay tuned, i will post the photos.

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