holiday cookie fest round up: amaretti

growing up in an area where italian foods are common, finding amaretti is easy.  i can hardly remember a holiday season when i didn’t see the red tins stuffed full of these paper wrapped almond cookies.  these memories served as my inspiration when i chose the recipe from carol field’s book, the italian baker.

they mix up quickly and honestly, you will wait longer for them to bake.  they bake at a low temp, 300, then sit in the oven with the heat off to finish drying out.  they are meant to be crunchy but will melt in your mouth.

red and green paper make them so festive, perfect for giving as gifts.

the secret to the batter, getting the egg whites whipped to the proper consistency.  it should be a little droopy and shiny, more whipped than marshmallow cream but not as stiff as a meringue topping.

to portion the cookies out, i used a small scoop.  i wasn’t looking for perfect mounds and did not mind the uneven shape.

somehow, these little cookies may have taught me a thing or two about making macarons.  just look at the feet on these things!  these were a favorite among all who received them and i will be making them again next year.

the recipe is posted online at and can be found with this link .  both versions of amaretti cookies found in carol fields book, the italian baker are posted.  to make these cookies, i used the first recipe.

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