holiday cookie round up: wheat cookies

it just doesn’t seem like christmas without sugar cookies.  every year, my girls decorate a batch of sugar cookies to give to their cousins.  it is a bit of a joke, the cookies are some of the craziest, ugliest cookies around!  the royal icing used for decorating is tinted with colors that are vibrant to say the least.  and they aren’t shy with the icing either.  but none of that matters.  they are always well received and a good laugh is had by all.

it just so happens that sugar cookies are one of my favorite cookies.  when i was much younger, a child even, i would look forward to our family trip to my aunt and uncle’s house for christmas dinner.  honestly, it was the cookies i was anticipating.  there were so many to choose from.  each year, my aunt would roll out a batch of bertha’s famous wheat cookies.  while wheat cookies may not sound like something a kid would covet, these were really just sugar cookies made with some whole wheat flour.

my aunt kept it simple.  she would adorn each cookie with a piece of glaceed cherry, some red, some green.

sometimes, simplicity is perfection…

the cookies are easy to make.  i have posted the recipe before and you can find it by clicking here.  the recipe was written down by my late uncle, my mother added the note about not using butter.  however, i made this batch with butter and to compensate for the drier dough, i reduced both types of flour by 1/4 cup.  it worked perfectly.

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