Virginia Bloggers Meetup; Whisk Bakery in RVA

IMG_1033Last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting with a group of ladies who also happen to be fellow members of the Virginia Bloggers.  It was a rainy and somewhat dreary Saturday morning but it was perfect for drinking coffee and eating freshly baked sweets.  Whisk is located in the Shockoe Bottom neighborhood of Richmond and this was the first time I had ever been to that part of the city.  (pardon the lousy cell phone photo, please!)

IMG_1034Most of these ladies knew each other, or at least were familiar with each other, but there were a few that were new to the group, myself being one of them.  The bakery is a bit small but we pulled a few tables together and spent our time chatting, trading business cards and getting to know each other.

IMG_1037Of course, there were a few cameras out on the table and a bunch of cell phones so that we could all take photos.

IMG_5549It was great to meet such a friendly bunch of ladies and trade information.

IMG_5551My hope is to attend more of these meet-ups but it is a bit of a drive from Williamsburg, however, if the destination is another place like this, I will take one for the team!

IMG_5553Before leaving, I picked a small selection of sweets to take home to Darry.  These two were all but glued to the showcase-can you blame them?

IMG_5552Most of the ladies that came out despite the rainy weather.  If you are a blogger and live in Virginia, join the group and if you are interested in what is going on, visit the website.

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