the little things in life

haven’t you noticed that it isn’t the major things that happen that will affect you the most?  it seems to me that it is always the little things that will make you react the strongest.  it’s amazing how your temper can flare or your patience can evaporate over the most trifling of details.  on the other hand, sometimes, the most inane occurrences can get you out of your seat for a victory dance.  

sad but true, this is my life.  honestly, there is nothing fun about working in a busy restaurant.  it is noisy, stressful (at times), physical (lots of lugging and lifting), and at times, dangerous.  in performing restaurant work, you may cut yourself and may need medical attention.  floors can be greasy or wet and falls become inevitable.  most commonly, you will get burned.  funny thing about stoves and ovens, they get hot and so do the metal pans you use with them.  especially if you are also lifting and lugging them around a crowded and busy kitchen.  but even so, i really can’t imagine what else i would do if i didn’t bake for a living.  nicks and burns aside, this is what works for me.  
did i mention the part about getting up at 3am 4 out of 5 days a week.  sad but true, i get up willingly at 3am most days and even earlier if necessary.  with that in mind, you would think that the one morning of my workweek that allows me to sleep in until 5 would be my favorite.  it’s not, there is nothing worse than walking in to a busy and hectic restaurant that is in full swing for the day when you normally arrive hours before this to silence and calm.  but the chance to sleep…hey, sleep is over rated!  isn’t it???today, my usual late day, i had the chance to go to work early.  an opportunity to beat the rush and get to work before the rest of the crew and the deliveries arrived.  this thought excited me.  i could get to work at 4, leave at 12 and go to the gym and … you get the picture.  it’s the little things, and this is my life.  gotta love it, me the non-morning person excited about rolling out of bed at 3am and baking pies.  

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