bunglish spoken here…

i spend my day at work among many people who speak either very little english or very bad english.  not a problem because the people in question speak spaninsh and my spanish is just as bad as their english.  it makes the day interesting.  we spend time playing a version of charades that only people who don’t speak the same language can understand.  my favorite part of all of this is the “glaze over”.  it’s that point when the eyes of the person you are attempting to speak to suddenly glaze over and they just agree with you.  even funnier is the point afterwards when you realize what you just told them and why it didn’t make any sense to them.  this is when the dictionary comes out and both of you start searching for and pointing to the right words.  

the best part is listening and helping my non-english speaking coworkers learn new words.  english is a difficult language to learn because there are so many grammar and pronunciation rules that even most of us natives do not understand.  some of them have learned a lot of english and in return they have helped me to learn a lot of spanish.  together, we bungle our way through both languages laughing as we go.  in the end, we actually have many conversations that we all understand.  to think that the city of nashville almost declared itself english only is awful.  my coworkers were happy to hear that voters refused to let it happen.  we made the news all over the country, even in the big cities.  
every day is a new opportunity to learn new words and proper usage.  but did you ever notice just how quickly immigrants learn to use the worst parts of the language perfectly?  oh well, there isn’t much i can do about it except bungle on…

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