the joys of scrubbing toilets and other housewifely duties

it has finally arrived, my big 6 day vacation from work.  i had a few days to use or lose and i decided to take them this week so i could do all of the things i have been wanting to do.  my first morning found me sipping coffee in front of the tv, at 5:30am.  what a party animal, next time i should try staying up until 5:30 rather than crawling out of bed to start the day.  

next on the agenda, making sure my daughter got to school on time, 6:50am.  do i know how to have fun or what?  i arrived back at home with my wet newspaper, it’s raining, (great weather for a vacation) then i proceeded to scrounge up some breakfast.  after perusing all 12 pages of the paper-it may be profitable but it is shrinking daily, i fed the cat some bananas-she’ll eat anything, really i am not kidding.  on to the next task, laundry…followed this up with scrubbing the tub and toilets.  wow, what a wild day off.  after a trip to the big box store for some coffee, bagels and printer cartridges i will stop off and visit scot for a haircut.  top this off with a quick trip to the gym to get in some cardio refreshment and i will be ready for my big night out on the town!
about that, the husband has quite a bee in his bonnet, literally.  after inoculating logs and building a small shiitake farm in the back yard he has moved on to bee keeping.  we start the classes tonite.  does life get any better than this?  somebody, please save me.  i’m drowning in my own dorkdom and i can’t get up…

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