rock on you party animal

today is day two of my fantastic staycation-yes even i have fallen into the trend.  this morning was all about me, after partying until 9pm with 200 perspective beekeepers, i was ready to get it on.  after taking devon to school, i arrived home to find that i was not going to get a newspaper today.

last week the folks at the tennessean claimed it is profitable, i guess it is if you don’t bother to deliver it.  
after quickly scarfing down a bagel, i needed a good carb load after the fun of last night, i set off to chores.  dusting, polishing, vacuuming and mopping…woohoo, i can party like a rock star.  now as i sit here at the mac, typing this out, i am day dreaming about all of the laundry i shall fold soon as well as making up the bed.  watch out, i’m on a roll.
shine on you crazy diamond…bee keepers at 6, i’m ready to par-teee…

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