pie time again

once again, it is time to post for you want pies with that.  this month’s challenge found all of us creating pies that reflect the lifestyles of the rich and famous.  i was stumped, completely.  honestly, i may read the gossip columns on occasion but i really don’t pay all that much attention to celebrities or their antics.  what’s a girl to do in a situation like that?  ask a teenager?  search on line?  better yet, why not call on your good friend bernie madoff and ask him what you should bake.  and that’s just what i did, through his lawyer of course, and this is what he told me to do;  bake an apple pie, bernie madoff’s best ever apple pie…

one thing bernie couldn’t do was give me a good pie crust recipe.  so, i decided to make one from scratch using a combination of corn masa and flour.  it made a nice flaky crust and i will definitely use masa in pie crust again.
what a beautiful apple pie, so easy to make and it went together perfectly.  bernie has the best apple pie recipe, ever!!!
when i pulled it out of the oven, it smelled so good.  we could hardly wait to cut into it.
here is a slice of the pie, so perfect and amazingly delicious.  and about as authentic as a $3 bill or one of bernies investments!  beware of perfect apple pies, especially if they are really made from crackers.  
if you have ever seen the recipe for ritz’s mock apple pie, then you know what i did here.  that recipe has always intrigued me but never enough to actually make one, until now.  what better way to pay homage to a con man.  i actually made this pie twice, just because i was so unsure if i got it right the first time.  the first one, i actually grated half of a granny smith apple and added it along with some additional spices.  we were shocked, it actually tasted a lot like apples, not because of the apple i added but because of the combination of spices, cream of tartar and lemon juice and zest.  for the second one, i used a mashed up over-ripened pear instead of the apple and it too was somewhat convincing.  for both pies, i followed the recipe completely but substituted brown sugar instead of white sugar, added the fruit and the additional spices.
be sure to visit the you want pies with that?  site and check out what all the other members baked.  look for us to be at it again this time next month with a new and exciting theme!!!

9 thoughts on “pie time again

  1. Love the inspiration for your pie. The only thing that would make it even more perfect is if you stole the Ritz crackers from the store. 🙂


  2. Wow, that’s something I would never think of doing. That’s like a bread sandwich with a bread filling hehe. I’m glad it’s really a good fake; you fooled me!


  3. Thanks for the visit to my blog, I’ll be stopping by here from now on 🙂Your pie looks awesome. I’ve always been curious about the “mock-apple-apple-pie”, and wondered if it really had that apple flavor or not. Looks like it does! Oh and the crust is beautiful, crusts are something I always have a hard time with 😛 Great job!


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