flying time

wow, how the time has flown.  days go by so fast that i seem to struggle just to stay in place.  it is that time of the year when everything is in need of attention.  gardens to be planted, pots to be filled, weeds to pull and so much more.  and that is just in my yard, there is also the demo garden to tend to.  school is almost out; just where did the year go and have i blinked and missed it?  hopefully, there will be a book to work on and if not, the business is booming and i am longing for the slower days of january already…funny how that works, in january i can almost taste spring and i can’t wait for it.  while i do not wish for a lack of things to do, i do wish for less to accomplish all in one day.  i suppose what i really want is time.  time to think, time to sleep, time to enjoy the little things; mostly just time for my own family in our little corner of the world.  many say it is better to be busy, no time to worry.  personally, i like time to think, it prevents the worry that something is being neglected or overlooked.  now, it’s time to go, time to sleep, time to dream…

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