reliving my early childhood

as a very young child, i had a serious thing for jello.  my great grandmother would make it for me when ever i visited and i would climb out of my crib during the night for jello raids.  every now and then, she would make the famous crown jewel cake.  i can’t remember having it since my early child hood but i vaguely remembered the flavor.  even funnier is that i would crave something like that.  maybe crave is the wrong word but every now and then i would wonder if i should just make one…

well, this month’s challenge for you want pies with that hosted by ellen at kittymama settled it all, we were to make a pie based on the theme of a child hood memory.  

first step was to make three kinds of jello, raspberry, lime and orange
next step was the cream mixture.  now i wasn’t about to go the dream whip way-too fake for me.  instead, i chose a lemon chiffon pie from the book, pie, pie, pie by john phillip carroll however, since i wanted a creamier pie i substituted whipped cream for the whipped egg whites.  it was nice and lemony and creamy and not too sweet, just right i’d say.  
thanks to kittymama for the trip down memory lane and good luck with your little cupcake, she’s adorable!

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